About Our Hosting

West County Media has partnered with some of the top upline hosting providers in the industry in order to provide our clients with the most modern, robust and affordable in-house hosting platform possible.

Our upline providers are highly rated,  reliable, and scalable.


Our Hosting Platform is Green!Green Hosting @ West County Media!

We believe it’s better to reduce than to simply offset.

That’s why we choose to offer “Green Hosting” services.

It’s true that data centers are critical to the operation of any web hosting company. And, it’s also true that data centers tend to consume very large amounts of energy. In fact, often more than half of the energy consumed in data centers is spent on cooling and air conditioning. But by using advanced outdoor air cooling technologies, our upline hosting provider has drastically lowered their data center energy consumption used for cooling by up to 70%, reducing the resulting carbon output by over 2,000 tons per year.

We also make a continual effort in each of our offices to reduce waste, recycle, and limit our use of paper as much as possible.

Furthering our efforts towards responsible use of our scarce natural resources and sustainable environmental stewardship, we are very proud of our upline provider’s ongoing partnership with the non-profit organization Trees For The Future (www.trees.org) dedicated to sustainable forestry. This eco-partnership has already provided for the planting of at least 5,000 trees throughout the developing world.

Host your website @ West County Media, an eco-friendly choice!