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The term “open source” generally means software that can be modified and shared because the underlying code that the program is written in, is open to be seen and modified by anyone who would like to contribute to that particular piece of software.

Open Source software is also often referred to as “free software” but the term can be a little misleading, as it’s usually meant to imply free as in “freedom” not necessarily free as in no money. Although, it is true in many cases that there’s no charge to use open source software.

Here’s a good article that explains more on open source software.

All of that having been said, our development team is well seasoned in deploying, hosting, customizing, maintaining & securing a broad range of excellent and stable open source solutions  – tools that can help you achieve more with your brand’s total online presence.




Roundcube is an open source, self-hosted webmail application for easily accessing your domain-based email accounts from a web browser (eg. Basic features include:

> Privately Hosted
Since Roundcube is hosted privately on your own web server and can be accessed securely from a web browser or mobile device, it offers a reasonably more private webmail and email-data management alternative to what’s being offered by many other popular and free, yet not-so-private email service providers.

> Searchable Email
Powerful, fast email search capability to save you time by enabling you to quickly locate important saved emails, without having to look through each folder and message one-by-one.

> Address Book
Simple, effective address book functions to save all of your important contact information. Supports multiple contact categories/sub-categories, multi-field types, and more.

> Multi-Identity Support
You may want to use different email addresses for your website or business, without having to actually set up and use many different email accounts. There is an easier way – with multi-identity support.

This way you can have multiple “identity emails” like:,,, etc.

With all of them routed to-and-from your primary email
account – (eg.

Roundcube is free and open source software subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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Feng Office

Feng Office is a self-hosted, browser based office productivity suite, with Project Management, Client Managment, Multi-User/Client/Collaborator Support,  Task Management, Time-Tracking, Check-in/Check-out Document Management, Reports,  Email, Links, and it supports doing all of this under SSL, on your server.

Feng Office Community Edition is distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.

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